Executive Coaching for Online Test Prep & Certification Businesses

Grow to 7-figures & beyond, risk free

If your business doesn’t grow by at least as much as you invested for 1 year of coaching, I’ll refund you the difference and pay you $1000 USD

I’ll help you grow your mid-6 figure test prep or certification business to 7-figures & beyond – all without sacrificing what matters most: your relationships, your health, and your enjoyment of life.

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What do you need in order to achieve the success you want?

In the last 17 years, Ray Blakney has built almost 20 profitable online companies – primarily in the education and certification industry. He’s also taken 4 companies to successful exits, the latest for multiple 7 figures.

Phase 1: Examine

My philosophy is simple: you are my client, not just your business. We’ll begin by applying the 4 Pillars System to examine the different facets of what drives you and what success looks for you in the long term.

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Phase 2: Strategize

Once we’ve established what success looks like for you, we’ll dive into your business. Using the 4 Pillars System, we’ll identify where the gaps are and create a strategic blueprint to grow your business.

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Phase 3: Implement

With a clear plan in place, we’ll move forward to implement it step by step. I’ll bring support and help you make adjustments when necessary so that your long term goal becomes your reality.

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Rave Reviews & Results

I’ve helped clients grow 500% in 7 months.

Over the last 17 years, I have built and coached companies to multiple 7-figure+ in the online e-learning and productized services niches. I can help you do the same.

Our coaching program gets you where you want to be… faster.

Tony Le, CEO of College Admission Secrets

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Why Work With Ray?

What skillset does Ray offer as a coach and a mentor?

Throughout his career, Ray has bootstrapped close to 20 profitable companies – making him no stranger to the entrepreneurial reality of wearing many hats. The best part? He brings all those hats with him to benefit you.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tired of trying to re-invent the wheel? Ray has nearly 2 decades of experience in running companies that have generated millions in sales. You’ll also gain access to Ray’s personal network of world-class entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Need help designing your tech stack? No problem. Ray worked as a software engineer in Silicon Valley for Fortune 500 companies before designing systems for his own companies.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Need to align your brand and build a full marketing strategy? Consider it done. With nearly 20 years of experience in developing marketing strategies and managing teams, Ray knows what it takes to make it happen.

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Have a great idea but need a solid system? You’re in the right place. Ray understands the importance of building high quality, easy-to-use systems to allow for successful coordination and communication across different teams and departments.

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Need to polish your product offering & find the right market fit? Perfect. Ray is experienced in designing test prep & certification programs across multiple industries as well as customizing them for the audiences that need them most.

Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

Happy customers are loyal customers. Loyal customers = long term growth. Ray has personally answered tens of thousands of customer service emails and run teams working with thousands of clients a month.

Ray’s Musings

Latest Articles & Blogs

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    Did you see the bull shark?

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  • Grinding Through Stress

    Grinding Through Stress

    “I have no idea.” That’s the thought that pops in my mind like an image of a platypus wearing high heels and a top hat when somebody says “don’t think of a platypus wearing high heels and a top hat.” (admit it’s now in your mind as well). This happens whenever people ask me questions…

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  • The Confessions of a Player Coach

    The Confessions of a Player Coach

    I have a confession to make. It is time to come clean. I have been engaging in infidelity for the last 8 months. I would like to start first by apologizing to everybody who has been hurt by this. I have tried to keep it a secret, but like all dark secrets, they eventually come…

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My Guarantee

If you work with me for 1 year and your business does not grow by at least what you paid for coaching, I will refund you the difference and pay you an additional $1000 USD for your time.

The worst case scenario? I pay you to work with me.

The best case scenario – and what all my clients have experienced so far – is that your business grows… a lot!