Ray Blakney

  • Did you see the bull shark?

    Did you see the bull shark?

    “Did you see the bull shark?” Let me give you some context. I’m going through a stressful period in my business life. I have been stressing about it for months has kept me up at night.  The whole situation has put my family in a precarious place financially when I thought that the time of…

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  • Grinding Through Stress

    “I have no idea.” That’s the thought that pops in my mind like an image of a platypus wearing high heels and a top hat when somebody says “don’t think of a platypus wearing high heels and a top hat.” (admit it’s now in your mind as well). This happens whenever people ask me questions…

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  • The Confessions of a Player Coach

    I have a confession to make. It is time to come clean. I have been engaging in infidelity for the last 8 months. I would like to start first by apologizing to everybody who has been hurt by this. I have tried to keep it a secret, but like all dark secrets, they eventually come…

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